Relationship over religion

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Rae Ingram is a poet, spoken word artist, writer, actress, student and a lover of Christ. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a specialization of Life Coaching and is a Veteran of the U.S.
Army. She is an active member of her church and enjoys spending time with her wife and their fur-baby, Carter.  Reading, hiking, and enjoying nature are all loves of hers. 

Rae has a passion for God and Gods' people. She has a passion for people and enjoying the diversity of the Creator. She loves serving both God and people.  She is currently pursuing her Masters in Divinity with a concentration in Chaplaincy from Chicago Theological Seminary. She uses her gift of writing as a way to discuss social awareness, justice work, Gods’ love and humanity. She is a huge advocate for relationship over religion, “Religion keeps us bound and relationship gives us the liberation and freedom that Christ has for each of us.