Relationship over religion

 What is QueerVotion all about?

QueerVotion is a safe media and social space for those whose hearts are rooted in the values of Christ. It’s a space for same-gender loving people and allies can come and hear and participate in a weekly devotion facilitated by people who are like them: chasing after and seeking God. It’s a place for those who value relationship over religion. The podcast explores and delves into scriptures that have been and still are impactive to our faith. It is investigative, personal and filled with humor but with real and effective conversations.

Like many others, I struggle with setting specific quite times and moments with God.  As a lover of podcast, talk radio and God, I sought out a podcast that was intentionally aimed at the LGBT POC (people of color) who were also Christians but came up disappointed more often than I thought was necessary. My choices were to either listen to persons that offered a restrictive, conservative, or conditional view of Christ’s love when it came to LGBT people or were ones I couldn’t relate to or identify with as a POC.  I wanted to hear from people that could relate to my relationship with Christ and the reconciliation of my faith, my sexual orientation, and the challenges that come with that.

QueerVotion was created out of my heart for those who are like myself, who desire a relationship with God, want to meet God  and desire to meet God, with guided conversation, and journal prompts that won’t take a lot of time but will take up a lot of space in our hearts.